(Sticky) How to boost your computer’s performance, physical upgrades.

So your computer is slow and you’ve tried the quick and simple steps in my previous post “Is your Windows based computer or laptop slow? Try a few simple tools to speed it up.” to no avail, and buying a new computer is still an investment that you can’t quite stretch to just yet. There are still some things you can do, Continue reading

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(Sticky) Is your Windows based computer or laptop slow? Try a few simple tools to speed it up.

Whether your computer is old or new, there will come a time when it starts to slow down and become sluggish when trying to do simple tasks like start a program or explore the contents of your folders. Don’t worry though as there are usually a few simple reasons why this happens and sometimes a few simple things can restore a bit of that lost performance. You don’t need to be technically minded Continue reading

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(Sticky) Buying a new computer or laptop? Read this and have a think about what you will need from it first.

There comes a time when your much loved personal computer, whether it’s a Laptop or Desktop PC, becomes “beyond economic repair” or upgrade and inevitably needs replacing. Don’t just rush out to buy the next “best” thing that’s on offer at your local retailer, take a little time to read through my guide for considering a new machine. Continue reading

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(Sticky) Buying replacement batteries for Laptops and other Mobile Devices

Various Lithium based cells and batteries

I regularly get asked for advice on buying a new battery or replacing a battery in mobile devices especially in laptops, so here’s a little article that I feel should help you to understand the technology and decide what to do. Continue reading

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Ubisoft hacked; users’ e-mails and passwords exposed | CNet

The video game developer, known for creating Assassin’s Creed, announces that its account database was breached and that all users should to reset their passwords.

Read more on the CNet website

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Millions of user’s details exposed by Facebook data glitch

The social media giant, Facebook, has expressed it’s feelings about a recent “glitch” found by an external programmer, saying that it was “upset and embarrassed” that around six million user’s personal details have been unknowingly made available to previously non explicitly allowed users of it’s site. The problem has now been fixed, but the impact of the lapse in security remains unknown for the time being. Facebook did state that it believes the data was only made available to those already on your contacts list.

Read more on the BBC News website

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A female student aged 20 falls victim to a webcam hacker whilst soaking in the bath.

A female student from Glasgow was relaxing in the bath watching a film when suddenly the built in webcam switches on. She tries to access the webcam software but is denied access because only one program may use the device at any one time. She soon realises that she is not in control of her hardware and disconnects from the internet, just another shocking example of how important it is to make sure that you are keeping on top of software updates, especially Java.

Listen to the interview on the BBC News website

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Sony are pulling the latest PS3 Update (Version 4.45) from the network as it caused some console failures.

A small number of PlayStation3 consoles globally have stopped working as a result of updating to the latest version of the firmware. The latest release was Version 4.45, the problem appears to stop the navigator from displaying making it impossible to use the console. Sony has advised users not to try and fix the problem themselves but to wait until they can provide some sort of remedial action.

Read more on the BBC News website

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Penetration Testers demonstrate the Java Vulnerability.

I have on many occasions posted publicly on social sites telling people to update their software due to vulnerabilities that can be exploited to give someone else control of your computer. Here is a video that demonstrates a Java vulnerability that is present on the computer because it is running an old version of Java. This is why I cannot stress enough how important it is that you keep on top of updates for various pieces of software on your computers.

Watch the video on the BBC News website

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Arduino gets a native Wifi upgrade and packs a Linux punch.

Arduino has taken their Leonardo board and given it an Atheros AR9331 System on a Chip (SoC) upgrade and are naming it the “Yún”. The Atheros SoC is running a lightweight version of the OpenWRT Linux based embedded software giving it some very powerful features.

Read more on the Linux.com website

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EU proposes new cybercrime reporting rules | BBC news

Over 40,000 firms, including energy providers, banks and hospitals could be required to report cyber-break-ins under new rules proposed by the EU. It is part of a move to intensify global efforts to fight cybercrime.

Read more on the BBC News website

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‘$1m-a-year’ botnet shut down by Microsoft and Symantec | BBC News

Microsoft and Symantec have worked together in order to shut down a bot-net which is believed to have been raking in around £640,000. Bot-nets are networks of compromised computers that perform various different tasks ranging from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to Password Cracking/Hacking (Brute Force) and even Identity Theft via command and control operations usually sent from a remote high-tech criminal.

Read more on the BBC News website

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Kaspersky anti-virus cuts web access of thousands of PCs | BBC News

A virus definition database update for Kaspersky Antivirus software denies all it’s Windows XP users internet access. Fortunately the Russian security firm released a patch to fix the problem but it did require a little technical tweak (disabling the web element of the software) on the user’s part.

Read more on the BBC News website

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